200,000 Euro Funds for SMEs – 100% refundable

May 20, 2013

Government adopted a new financing scheme for SMEs.                              

The maximum level of de minimis aid: EUR 200,000 (EUR 100,000 for road transport companies) over a period of 3 consecutive years.

Funding Percentage: 100% of eligible project costs

Maximum budget allocated to the scheme: 400 million, 100 million eur

Cumulative eligibility criteria for beneficiaries:

  • SMEs registered according to Law. 31/1990, with operations
  • have not received de minimis aid over a 3 year period or, if received, shall not exceed EUR 200,000 (EUR 100,000 for road transport companies), regardless of funding source
  • Make investment to job completion as follows:

                – 5 jobs for a maximum of 100,000 euro aid


               – 7 jobs for support of between 100,000 to 200,000 euros

 Eligible expenses:

  • build new construction for industrial purpose (limited up to 425 euro      / sqm) OR procurement of industrial building, for carrying out the      activity for which funding is requested;
  • procurement of technological equipment – machinery and working      equipment;
  • procurement of equipment and systems for measurement, control and      regulation;
  • procurement of unregistered vehicles, to support the enterprise      activity
  • procurement of IT equipment

Call for these projects shall be launched soon and funding allocation will be awarded on a first come first served basis until the budget breakdown.

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