About us

VAPRO Romania is a Romanian-Dutch company, with more than 20 years of experience at European level in development and implementation of projects financed from European or national funds. In Romania, our portfolio includes hundred of customers from various industries and since 2007 we helped them gain over 300 million euro in funding.

The European funds budget allocated to Romania for 2021-2027 is more than 80 billion euro representing a real support for medium and long term investments and development objectives of private and public organizations.

VAPRO consultants and experts can assist you through the entire process – from defining the idea and developing your projects in order to obtain grants, to the management and implementation of the strategies for which the grant has been awarded and to the reimbursement of all costs.

We provide specialized consultancy and assistance services in finding the most suitable financing solutions for your projects on:

Investments in human resources development through training, coaching; recruitment and outplacement; health and safety at work; internship; CSR programs. Increasing your business competitiveness by investing in equipment or diversifying your activity; energy efficiency; research, development and innovation. Investments in agriculture by founding and/or developing agricultural farms, livestock farms / orchards; processing and marketing of their products; other investments in rural areas.

We add value to your business through:

  • over 20 years of international expertise in similar projects, both in project development and project management;
  • specialists and senior consultants with relevant experience in project development and implementation;
  • an integrated approach and a rigorous methodology for writing and implementing projects;
  • a various portfolio of clients– from universities, NGOs and public institutions to private and multinational companies (over 60% of our clients are foreign companies or multinationals);
  • long term relationships with our clients and integrated support for their business;
  • a “proactive”, “innovative”, “reliable” and “dynamic” team – according to client’s recommendations;
  • a success rate of over 90% for the projects developed by us, compared to an overall average of about 40%.